About us

Shipping containers are nothing new, but they are a new and interesting player in the construction market - containers are durable and shape-resistant, and thus are versatile in their standard dimensions. In addition, the industrially robust design of containers allows containers to follow global trends.

We have been dealing with containers since 2000. During this time, we have helped to implement hundreds of regular and special projects, one of the more recent of which, and certainly the most eloquent, is the container hotel created in Telliskivi Creative City; there, 84 rooms have been fashioned out of shipping containers.

Other interesting projects of ours include a container-based shippable marine parts repair shop in Travemünde Harbour, Germany, for a Norwegian customer; a cogeneration plant producing electricity and heat from municipal waste to a Norwegian small island; a transportable modular and container pellet plant in Hiiumaa; and all this year's “Naabrist parem” TV-show homes (which are all built from shipping containers)!

Advantages of shipping containers:

Thanks to their shape resistance, strong shell, and standard dimensions, you can implement your idea with ease.

Versatile use - unleash your imagination!

Simple and convenient logistics, konteinerite baasil teostatud projekti on lihtne uude asukohta transportida.

Environmentally friendly, because the container is a cargo container. Containers that would otherwise remain in harbours can be reused.

Good investment. A container’s value will not change in 10 years, if used prudently.

We collaborate with two partners, one from Norway and the other from Latvia. The selection on our website is large and wide, but if you do not see a suitable container there, be sure to let us know - we will find suitable containers for you within a week.

Our services:

Sales of containers. You can buy new (travelled once overseas bringing goods from Asia to Europe) and used (used for years; there may be dents and rust present) shipping containers. All containers have a CSC, or Container Safety Convention, certificate, which certifies that the container is seaworthy and can be used to transport goods by sea if necessary.

Rental of containers. All containers rented from CityStock on a monthly basis are new and CSC certified. Containers can be rented in the CityStock warehouse or ordered for delivery to a necessary location.